Abandoned places central qld

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Abandoned places central qld

For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. From doomed settlements and bypassed hubs to mining boom towns that went bust, Australia is littered with ghost towns. Here's 10 that are frozen in time. Even if you've never made it to this tiny settlement near Broken Hill you've probably seen it: the outback pub, dusty streets and ruined gaol have starred in more films and TV commercials than just about any other place in Australia.

Australian ghost towns you can visit: Top 10 abandoned places

All this fame has brought it back to life, and many of the once-abandoned mining cottages are now home to art galleries and even a Mad Max Museum. Milparinka's imposing sandstone courthouse was designed by the architect of the Sydney GPO and has, along with the police station, barracks and lock-up, been restored and filled with historic displays.

One of the first colonial settlements west of the Blue Mountains most of the buildings were built in the s, including a grand sandstone courthouse, impressive church and stately homes. It's been a historic reserve since and hasn't really changed since the s. You can stay overnight in one of the renovated cottages.

By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy. Another relic of a long-gone gold rush, Artlunga, km east of Alice Springs, was the first official town in central Australia and back in the s was home to hundreds.

These days it's an outdoor museum and you can wander around the government battery, cyanide works, old police station, mines and homes and fossick for gold in the adjacent reserve. It was meant to be our northern capital, but all that's left of Victoria Settlement on the Coburg Peninsula in north-western Arnhem Land is a few ruined chimneys, smothered by monsoon forest.

See also: 'One of the worst places imaginable': Australia's very own lost city. Spend the night in a World Heritage-listed convict ruin on Maria Island off Tasmania's eastern coast. Practically unchanged since abandoned as a probation station inthere are 14 buildings still intact, including the Old Penitentiary where you can bunk down in one of the dorms, or camp on the edge of town.

In the discovery of a 7kg gold nugget sparked a rush to the middle of the Tarkine rainforest in western Tasmania. In its heyday Corinna had 30 buildings, including two pubs, but by the early s the town was deserted. The old pub, butchers shop and a cottage are available as accommodation, or you can stay in one of 14 new cottages, built to blend in with the originals.

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In Menzies, km north of Kalgoorlie, had a population of 10, and the main street was lined with stately buildings including a town hall with an 8. Most people come here to see the famous Gormley sculptures in the desert at Lake Ballard, 55km to the west. Straddling the train tracks in the middle of the Nullarbor there are no roads to Cook.

The Indian Pacific stops here to change crews and passengers stretch their legs as they wander past the abandoned school, hospital, post office and stores. It might only be home to four people, but it operates on two time zones SA and WA so the drivers don't need to change their watches.Real estate employment home and garden. Brisbane's oldest ghost story really two stories in one concerns the most controversial figure in the city's early history, Captain Patrick Logan of His Majesty's 57th Regiment of Foot, Commandant of the Penal Settlement at Moreton Bay from to Logan was a man of vision and an able administrator who converted the dismal outpost he commanded into a well-organised and efficient colony, but Logan is not remembered for his good deeds; only his bad.

Misconduct earned them up to lashes and many died, strapped to the flogging frame. The Captain was also a courageous explorer who made many journeys, sometimes alone into the interior, surveying and mapping the wild terrain. It was while returning from one of these excursions, riding alone along a bush track in what is now South Brisbane, that Logan met a ghost.

The Captain spotted a man in convict uniform a few yards in front of him and, thinking it was an escapee from the settlement, hailed him and ordered him to stop. Logan expected the figure to run but to his surprise it approached him, reached out a sinewy arm and grabbed one of his stirrups.

Logan's horse took fright and reared. The Captain lashed out with his riding crop but the blow passed straight through the shadowy figure. He spurred his horse to a gallop but the ghost clung on, floating effortlessly beside the terrified horse and rider. It was not until they were nearing the south bank of the Brisbane River that the ghost suddenly let go and disappeared. Logan's fear may seem out of character for a ruthless man with an inquiring mind, but something else had unsettled him: Captain Logan had recognised the ghost.

It was a convict called Stimson who had absconded, been recaptured at the very spot where he appeared, and died while being flogged on the Captain's orders exactly one month before. Logan met his own death while on another expedition.

He set out with his batman and five trusted convicts on 9 November to map a creek west of the outpost at Limestone Hills Ipswich.

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The party was stalked for most of its journey and attacked twice by hostile Aborigines but, despite this apparent danger, Logan went off on his own on 17 October, planning to rejoin the party at a prearranged rendezvous at dusk. When he found he could not reach the spot before nightfall, Logan built a rough shelter and settled down for the night. In the early hours of the morning of the 18th he was attacked and killed by Aborigines- or, according to some historians- by convicts.

Click here for further reference. At noon that day a party of prisoners working on the river bank at the Moreton Bay settlement spotted Captain Logan, on horseback on the far side of the river, waving to them. None had any doubts about who it was. Two of them downed tools and hastily launched the punt that was used to ferry people across the river and rowed over to pick up their Commandant.

When they arrived on the south bank the spot where Stimson's ghost had disappeared and the Queensland Performing Arts Complex now stands there was no sign of Logan. He and his horse had vanished into thin air. At that time Captain Logan's battered body was growing cold in a shallow grave in the bush seventy kilometres inland.My Topics.

No man's land: Abandoned places in Australia. Health and home essentials: Shop pantry and bathroom goods online.

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The Villa House Massacre - Abandoned Places UK - Abandoned Places

Catch a bargain with cheap groceries and bulk buys. Ad Catch. An old farm house sits abandoned on a hill at sunset in the Australian Outback. An abandoned railway station in Helensburgh, New South Wales.

The Arches, a historic ruin originally built by the convict laborers during the colonial times, on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific Ocean. The Crankmill, a historic ruin in the convict-built area of Kingston on Norfolk Island. A flock of sea birds sit on a broken piece of Jetty in southern Australia. The ruins of the Port Willunga jetty are seen as the Sun sets in the background in southern Australia.

A disused pier in Cleveland, Brisbane during sunset. An early spring storm whips along the coastline of Sydney bay on Norfolk Island. The Richmond Vale Railway now lies abandoned since closing in the mid 's. A ruined farmhouse near Silverton, New South Wales.

The old ruins of the Watermill dam in Arthur's vale, Norfolk Island. Miners huts, made of corrugated iron sheets, stand the test of time in Gwalia Ghost Town in Leonora, Western Australia.THEY were once bustling towns, but they have since been abandoned and remain frozen in time. Take a look at the places Australia forgot. Sunset across the Mundi Mundi Plains near Silverton. Picture: Vincent Ross Source:Supplied.

ONCE upon a time, these prosperous Australian towns were bustling hives of activity. But the years have taken a devastating toll, and now few souls remain to tell the intriguing stories of these formerly rich regions. From mining towns to failed settlements and rail hubs, our nation is full of ghost towns that offer a fascinating glimpse at a past that most of us can only imagine.

35 Eerie Abandoned Places In Australia That Will Give You Chills

Here are 14 towns that Australia forgot. This list was compiled with help from a map of ghost towns created by Lifehacker. This railway stop on the Trans-Australian Railway was built in in the middle of nowhere, at the Nullarbor Plain. Cook used to have a population of 50 who helped maintain the railway tracks, but now there are just four people left.

Most of the buildings have been condemned, including a school. This ghost town is situated on the edge of the desert. It was settled in by farmers and reached a population of approximately But years of drought and dust storms, the closure of nearby mines inand realignment of the Ghan railway line led to the town eventually being deserted.

Ina kg iron meteorite was discovered nearby. It was first settled by the Wiljakali Aborigines, and miners flocked to the region upon the discovery of silver. It blossomed into a bustling town of people before residents began to leave in the early s in favour of mines in Broken Hill, with many taking their houses with them.

Nowadays less than 50 people remain here, and there are even fewer buildings. A disused stone church at Silverton. Once upon a time, people called the mountainous town of Walhalla home. This mining town in the Southern Highlands thrived from with residents, mostly immigrants from Scotland.

When the local mine closed, the town languished. Legend has it that at least two ghosts haunt the area. Conservation work is being undertaken here, protecting the ruins. Nerrigundah was a gold mining town with a population of in the late 19th century, and now only 30 people remain.

abandoned places central qld

The notorious Clarke gang held up a hotel here inand shot a policeman. It also used to have a great tennis team.By Nmcgregor Fri Jun 12, am. By dodger Fri Jun 12, am. By phytrix Fri Jun 12, am. By maggot Fri Jun 12, am. Nmcgregor wrote: Hi, I'd like to keep a database of these uniquely beautiful places i believe keeping their actual locations secret from the public is a must as part of a grand plan of mine with some of my connections to protect these from being cemented in, demolished or turned into some new trendy cafe.

By Nmcgregor Sat Jun 13, am. Last edited by Nmcgregor on Fri Jan 29, am, edited 1 time in total. By Unclehaggz Sat Jun 13, am. By Nmcgregor Sat Jun 13, pm. By phytrix Sun Jun 14, am.

By Nmcgregor Sun Jun 14, am. By Unclehaggz Sun Jun 14, am. By Aydun Sun Jun 14, am. By Rantallion Sun Jun 14, pm. By Midget Mon Jun 15, am. Rantallion wrote: tbh tunnel cafes would be great. Only if they have milkshakes tho. Subscribe to my journal to see random exploration photos.

Where are the cat emoticons? By theedge Mon Jun 15, am. Nmcgregor wrote: Yes some sites maybe locked down for a week or so of filming but what is one week out of 52 in the year? The reason I'm looking to do this is finding a way to protect these locations. I'm sure people thought the guy who said 'lets turn the catacombs in Paris into a tourist attraction' was nuts, I don't want or think it'll ever become that but it was way of protecting something unique.

I'm sure anyone reading this would love to become a 'gate keeper'.

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Just a harmless explorer. No need to waste taxes checking me. By Nmcgregor Mon Jun 15, pm. By theedge Mon Jun 15, pm. By phytrix Mon Jun 15, pm. By Aydun Mon Jun 15, pm. To be honest I'd rather learn to live rough. By maggot Tue Jun 16, am. Nmcgregor wrote: 'm sure people thought the guy who said 'lets turn the catacombs in Paris into a tourist attraction' was nuts.Nothing beats exploring the unknown! From abandoned places and old buildings to empty warehouses and haunted housesurban explorers have seen it all.

But why are these forbidden areas so popular in Australia? Ever since, YouTubersphotographersgraffiti artists, and travellers have used the hidden gems to satisfy their thirst for adventure!

Details spread through word of mouth from one explorer to another on Urbex forums. Look no further as we step back in time and into the best abandoned spots in Brisbane!

Details: This eerie home is full of relics that date back to the s and s. Since she died there inghost hunters have reported sightings and strange voices during their visits. Details: Built init was the oldest mental institution in the country until it closed down in To this day, it remains haunted by tragic stories of torture and violence, with over bodies found in the graveyard.

Details: The abandoned arts college has been closed sinceexplaining all the trashed hallways and ruined classrooms from vandals. School papers were scattered all over the place, complete with graffiti all over chalkboards and walls.

abandoned places central qld

Strangely enough, the aesthetic satisfies the inner rebel in all of us! Explore: Unfortunately, they demolished the site in to make way for building Clearview Urban Villagebut the cool photos live on forever! Location: Assembly Street, Salisbury, Queensland. Details: They built this textile factory between and during the WWII era, along with machine shops, a rolling mill, and other industrial facilities.

Sadly, hundreds of workers lost their jobs when it closed down in Lots of Urbex enthusiasts visit to check out the lines of old school machinery and torn fabric. Details: This hidden gem has gone through many transformations since the s. It was once a state theatre, then a nightclub, and finally, a skating rink until it burned down in Explore: You can locate the entrance near the bottom of the cliff-diving spot by Kangaroo point.All my life I've had a fascination for old places or ones that are abandoned, disused, desolate, deteriorating etc.

abandoned places central qld

Any kind of place will do, from the site of an old World War 2 airfield that is now a field with a road through the middle of it to old shops, sheds and stores! Maybe its the curiosity we have about the people who were here, who they were, what they were like, what happened to them Whatever is is that makes me like them, I'm hooked!

My interest also extends to the related field of urban exploration and when I have more time I'll get into that more also. I hope you enjoy the photos; more will be added regularly, as I find them. In some places it is illegal to enter abandoned buildings. Trespassing laws vary from place to place and the penalties can be severe. Know the laws before exploring and avoid a call to a Dayton criminal lawyer later. Abandoned, Remote, Interesting and Disused Places. Click on a location to see a Featured Site or scroll down for more photos of interesting places.

Former Wacol Army Barracks. Former Annerley Bowls Club. Former Buranda Bowls Club. Former East Brisbane Bowls Club.

abandoned places central qld

Former Kedron Bowls Club. Former Myer Coorparoo. Abandoned Queenslander in Holland Park West. Abandoned Fire Station at Mt Gravatt. Abandoned strip shops in Mt Gravatt. Abandoned Art Gallery in Springbrook. Allora Railway Station dates back to but is disused now, along with the grain sheds alongside.

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